Snell & Wilmer Fellowship Program

Deadline:  July 1, 2013

The Fellowship for Advancement and Resources (FAR) is a holistic pipeline initiative demonstrating Snell & Wilmer’s persistent and unwavering commitment to matters concerning diversity and inclusion in the workplace and legal profession. FAR attempts to address, if not eliminate, several challenges students with diverse backgrounds face in becoming successful lawyers. Individuals who are accepted into the FAR program, or “Fellows,” will receive multiple incentives at key junctures of their education and will maintain contact with an assigned Snell & Wilmer attorney (“Mentor”) over the course of the fellowship. The goal of the program is to assure that each Fellow develops into a successful lawyer.

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FAR offers these advantages:

A Path for Admission
To increase the likelihood of admission to law school, the Fellow will receive a fully paid commercial LSAT preparation course of the Fellow’s choosing and a stipend equal to the most current cost to sit for the LSAT exam and Credential Assembly Service fee.

Knowledge to Hit the Ground Running
The Fellow must provide the Mentor with proof of acceptance and commitment to law school. Fellows will then receive a fully paid commercial law school prep course designed specifically for incoming 1Ls. The program will demystify the law school experience and teach the skills and strategies necessary for the Fellow to achieve academic success.

Tools to Compete
After the Fellow provides the Mentor with proof of acceptance and commitment to a law school, the Fellow and Mentor will discuss whether the firm can provide the Fellow with any tools or equipment needed to assist the Fellow with his/her law school studies.

Resources to Succeed
Upon starting each semester throughout all three years of law school, the Fellow will submit to the Mentor the Fellow’s course schedule showing enrollment and receipts for books and/or study aids purchased by the Fellow for each respective semester. Snell & Wilmer will then reimburse the Fellow’s expenses for books and/or study aids up to $300 per semester.

From the time the fellowship is awarded, through the end of the Fellow’s first year of law school, the Fellow is required—in addition to providing the information requested above—to maintain contact with the assigned Mentor by telephone and/or email at least once a month. The purpose of the regular contact is for the Mentor to provide the Fellow with increased awareness and understanding of the legal profession, leadership skills development, opportunities for engagement, and a broader network of personal and professional relationships.