Since its founding in 2000, For People of Color, Inc. (“FPOC”) has provided free, high-quality law school admissions consulting services to thousands of prospective law school applicants. FPOC is widely recognized as a leader in its efforts to diversify the profession. Its workshops and publications are credited with assisting students gain admission to the country’s most selective law schools.

For People of Color, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Board of Directors

Anthony Solana, Jr.

Norma Nava Franklin

Misty M. Sanford

Willie D. Brown, Jr.

Sunita Bali Williams

Stephen Abreu

Agustin D. Orozco

Jose Luis Lopez

Mission Statement

Our mission is to employ our cultural perspectives and collective experiences to pave a path for people of color to higher education through personal empowerment and progressive education policies. This commitment stems from our personal stake in ensuring the academic, professional, and social success of our communities.

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