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“For those whose life experiences distinguish them from the vast majority of law students, Anthony’s guide shows you how to construct an application that reflects who you are, the adversity you have overcome, and the distinctive contribution you will make in law school and to the world.”
— Michaele N. Turnage Young, Esq., graduate of Harvard Law School

“Anthony Solana’s guide to law school gave me the confidence I was lacking when applying to law schools.”
— Ivone Falk, UC-San Diego student, law school applicant.

“Thanks to Anthony’s guide, I was able to look at the application components of other applicants of color, get an idea of how to tailor my own application and maximize my chances at the top law schools in the country.”
— Marina A. Torres, Esq., graduate of Stanford Law School

“I am forever in debt to Anthony for his wonderful guide. I can honestly say that I would not have been as successful on my application process without it.”
— Manfred A. Perera, Esq., graduate of Hastings College of the Law

“I definitely don’t think I would have gotten the positive responses from law schools that I got without using the tips from this manual. I refer other applicants to it all the time and advise them to read it cover to cover before they start the process”
— Alina Ball, Esq., graduate of UCLA School of Law

“This guide was key in my quest for admission to law school. It does a great deal for evening the playing field for the historically disadvantaged in their quest for a law education. If you want to get into law school, download the guide, and then do everything in it.”
— Stephen Abreu, Esq., graduate of King Hall (UC Davis) School of Law

“Your website made me realize how much work just applying to law school is. I felt like I began the process without much direction and your guide helped me get organized.”
— Cassandra Lopez, Esq.,  graduate of King Hall (UC Davis) School of Law

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