Guide to the Law School Application Process

The Guide to the Law School Application Process for People of Color” is a free digital publication that is designed to guide you through the admissions process and enable you to prepare the best possible application.

“For those whose life experiences distinguish them from the vast majority of law students, [FPOC’s] guide shows you how to construct an application that reflects who you are, the adversity you have overcome, and the distinctive contribution you will make in law school and to the world.”
— Michaele N. Turnage Young, Esq.; graduate of Harvard Law School

“Anthony’s guide not only helped me understand the process, but the real-life, heartwarming stories contained in the sample personal statements provided the type of encouragement no commercial outline could ever provide. I would not have been as successful on my application process without it”
— Manfred A. Perera, Esq.; graduate of Hastings College of the Law

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